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Listen to our Web Exclusive Stories Read by the Authors

metropolis-robot-res [1]Big news, friends. Since January, we’ve been working on a little project that we hope expands the reach of our web exclusive stories and that gives you, our readers, website visitors, subscribers, supporters, and pals, a new way to engage with the fiction we publish. ASF’s Digital Editor Andrew Bales has been working with our web exclusive authors to record them reading their work so that we can pair the audio with the version of the story that we publish online.

From here on out, you’ll be able to find audio content for our online exclusives embedded with the text of the stories and over on our Soundcloud page [2].

For now, we hope you enjoy listening to the first five pieces we’ve recorded and posted, from authors Lincoln Michel [3], Courtney Sender [4], Terese Svoboda [5], Anna Noyes [6], and Hilary Leichter [7].