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Bourbon and Milk: “Oh, My Dear. Where Is That Country?”


This latest installment of Bourbon and Milk (in which writer-parents tackle the ins and outs of working while raising little ones) features authors Casey Fleming, Greg Brown, Manuel Gonzales, Miah Arnold, Joshua Rivkin, Lacy M. Johnson, Alyssa Knickerbocker, Joshua Furst and ASF‘s own Giuseppe Taurino on the tricky issue of discussing the 2016 election and this week’s inauguration of Donald J. Trump […]

Bourbon and Milk: Slow but Steady-ish

Bourbon and Milk train post

I confess, I get a little impatient when I hear graduate students with teaching assistantships—that is, students who not only aren’t paying tuition but who are being paid—say they don’t have time to write. Which is not to say that I didn’t feel exactly the same way when I was a graduate student with a teaching assistantship. But what I want to tell them now is, if they’ll only be able to write once they finish their coursework […]

Bourbon and Milk: When the Mayhem Becomes Too Much

Holiday Kids for Bourbon & Milk

Welcome to the third annual holiday edition of Bourbon and Milk. Once again, with a nod towards the thankfulness many of us associate with the holidays—a thankfulness steeped in both the warmth and the insanity of family—we asked five writer-parents to identify and write about “crappy” literary parents, and five non-parents to chime in on “exemplary” ones. […]

Bourbon and Milk: Notebook to Nightcap

Live Oak vintage postcard 200SQUARE

Bourbon and Milk is an ongoing series that dives into the perplexing spaces parenting sometimes pushes us and explores the unexpected ways writers may grow in them. If you’re interested in joining the conversation or contributing a Bourbon and Milk post, query Giuseppe Taurino at — It’s five a.m., and I’m thinking of how my […]

Bourbon and Milk: Here Is the Essay, Now Where Is the Child?


“Where do you get so much energy?” I asked my daughter recently, the age-old parenting question. She was running around like on any other day while I sprawled supine on the floor. Not because I had any unusual reason to be tired. I was tired because that is the state I have been in for the last four years. […]

Bourbon and Milk: Wonder and Worry


I have a photograph of my son Simon—then four years old—holding up my collection of stories on the day it arrived in the mail. He’s so proud, his smile so huge that his eyes are scrunched shut. He’s oblivious. When I took that photograph, I knew I was supposed to be nervous, if not terrified. I knew I was supposed to imagine a thirteen-year-old Simon opening that book […]

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