Camera-Flash Contest Winners


We are pleased to announce the contest winner and finalists from our Camera-Flash Fiction Contest.  This spring, we invited you to write quick fiction based on one of eight vintage photographs we handed out at the AWP conference.

Online Fiction: Interview with Anthony Abboreno


Mary Miller interviews Anthony Abboreno, the author of “Filler,” the first fiction post on our website in over a year. Abboreno’s story is about the complicated relationship between children and their parents’ expectations. There are lobsters with personalities, an ex-wife who loves New Year’s Eve, and a man who tries to do his best, but falls short. “Filler” covers a lot of territory in few words.



My daughter is still young enough to draw pictures of fairies on all of her school notebooks, but at other times her oldness is startling. For example, when she was the flower girl at her mother’s second wedding, she explained to me that she needed her underwear to match her dress, in case her dress […]

Pushcart News

Congratulations to Elizabeth Ellen, whose story, “Teen Culture,” published in ASF’s Summer 2012 issue won a Puschart Prize!

Like an Original Response


Hedy loved Polly, the parrot at Trader Bob’s airport bar. Hedy went directly there every day after work at the Terminal A newsstand. Hedy loved the way Polly echoed desire, like a mirror. So when she went there once again to sit across from Polly—to hear Polly say back to her “you are the bee’s knees, […]

The Swimmers

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 12.57.20 AM

In the beginning, I think everyone was afraid. You can imagine how startling it was the day the fingertips of that enormous hand came up out of the sands of Punta del Este and reached for the sun. Reached for it in a grasp, as if it were trying to crush the sun in its fist. […]

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