Online Fiction Interview: April Wilder


The stories in April Wilder’s debut collection, This is Not an Accident, inhabit, in her words, “the territory of the American absurd,” and each first page is like the edge of a cliff. A story might begin, say, in a defensive driving class or in a kitchen with the grandchildren, and then it careens off, suspending the reader in that place where falling feels like flying. […]

On Leaving the Sea by Ben Marcus


In his fourth book, Leaving the Sea, Ben Marcus finds a vein between “leveraging grammar as a medium for the making of art,” as he wrote in “Why Experimental Fiction Threatens to Destroy Publishing, Jonathan Franzen, and Life as We Know it,” in Harper’s nine years ago, and the sweet spot of the familiar, with its recognizable humor, alienation, and longing.

Along for the Ride: At the Waffle House with Mary Miller


The table at which I wait for Mary Miller in a Waffle House off US-183 in Austin is disappointingly well-kept. It’s my first experience with a Waffle House, so I expected and hoped for a table with spilled sugar crystals, the surface sticky with syrup. What I believe is the authentic Waffle House experience is how Mary Miller depicts it […]

Things American: Authentic Desire & the Root of Sexuality in HBO’s “Girls”


What if I said I do not believe in desire? As the holidays wind down, and with them the inundation of images of midnight smooches on New Year’s Eve and nuclear families unwrapping presents by the tree, I am always left with that seasonal-depression-idea that I’ve somehow failed to live up to the status quo—those unreachable expectations. […]

ASF’s Holiday Gift/Get/Just Go Buy It Guide

Gift-Get-Collage SQUARE

Yep, that holiday gift-buying paralysis should be setting in right…about…now. Don’t panic! ‘Tis the season: to ask for books and buy books with abandon. So, we’ve asked our ASF staff to share with us what books they’re gifting to their friends and family, what books they want to be gifted, and what short story collections they think you should just go out and get for yourself.

We’re Back!

ASF Fall 2013 Cover square IMAGE(WEB)

We’re thrilled to announce the newest issue of American Short Fiction . In a beautifully redesigned issue you’ll find seven new stories filled with hashtags and horror, with resilient hearts and purposefully broken arms. We think you’ll feel compelled, like we did, to read them aloud. Buy the new issue or subscribe. And continue to check in here, as we’ll be offering sneak peeks into the stories […]

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