Things American: At the Mountains of Loneliness


I went to the Arctic Circle because of Howard Phillips Lovecraft. I went there to work on a novel, too, but I wouldn’t be writing a novel—wouldn’t even still be a writer—without Lovecraft. While in the Arctic, I thought about Cthulhu. I carried a protective charm a friend had stitched for me in case I encountered any Old Ones. I stared into the fissures of three-hundred-foot-tall glaciers and expected to see a tentacle lash out […]

Coddled, Sexting Millennials: Jennifer duBois Interviews Tony Tulathimutte


Tony Tulathimutte’s Private Citizens is a searing and savagely smart dissection of the life and opinions of a group of San Francisco millennials: bipolar autodidact Henrik, ruthless aspiring writer Linda, porn-addicted romantic Will, and hazily embattled activist Cory. With relentless intelligence and wit—and prose that’s earning comparisons to David Foster Wallace—Tulathimutte examines his characters’ anxieties and aspirations […]

Nota Bene: Nat Baldwin Has Been Feeling the Bern Since, like, 2002


Nat Baldwin’s been writing, performing, and recording music for virtually all of his adult life. In addition to playing bass in Dirty Projectors, Baldwin has recorded half a dozen solo records that put his upright bass and his vocal range on full and incredible display. Baldwin’s also a fiction writer, and in the past two years, he’s published stories in PANK, Timber, Alice […]

That’s When Things Got Weird: A Conversation with Amber Sparks & Lincoln Michel


We’ve have had the pleasure of reading the work of Amber Sparks and Lincoln Michel for a number of years, and we’ve published work by each of them as web exclusives in the not-so-distant past. This fall, Michel published his debut collection of short fiction, Upright Beasts, and Sparks’s next book, The Unfinished World, will be […]

There’s Still Time to Make a Year-end Gift to ASF!


Next year will mark 25 years since the very first issue of American Short Fiction was published, and in December, we’re hoping to raise $5,000 to help us continue well into the next quarter century. For our editors and staff, bringing these stories to readers around the world is a genuine labor of love, and it takes a large group of dedicated writers, editors, artists, subscribers, and supporters to make it happen. […]

Rough Likenesses: An Interview with Kate Gavino & Devin Symons


Though artists and writers Kate Gavino and Devin Symons have never met, each has taken to attending literary events where, in addition to listening to the work, they draw the authors. Gavino’s project, Last Night’s Reading, began in New York in 2013, and she estimates that she’s attended approximately 400 readings since then. Last month, […]

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