Things American: Thoughts on Last Night


It felt sad and strange today to be sitting at the helm of a magazine called American Short Fiction. That first word on our masthead, our understanding of what that word means, pulled and pinched and pummeled as it has been over the last few months by our leaders and our pundits and by the new president-elect most of all, took a violent final beating last night, and it was hard, this morning, not to hear a bitter, bruised irony in its syllables […]

ASF Short Fiction Contest Now Closed


The American Short Fiction Contest is now closed. This year we are honored to have Victor LaValle—author of the story collection Slapboxing with Jesus and novels The Ecstatic, Big Machine, The Devil in Silver and The Ballad of Black Tom—as our guest judge. The winner of the contest will receive $1,000 and publication in the magazine. The runner up will receive $500, and all stories submitted to the contest will be considered for publication. More details after the jump. […]

Announcing Our American Short Fiction Contest Winners!


We are so pleased to announce that Elizabeth McCracken has chosen the winners of our 2015 American Short Fiction Contest. The first place prize goes to Leona Theis, for her story “How Sylvie Failed to Become a Better Person Through Yoga.” The second place prize goes to CJ Hauser for her story “Gala 4135.” […]

Excerpt: Honey from the Lion, by Matthew Neill Null


Tomorrow Lookout Books will publish Honey from the Lion, the debut novel of Matthew Neill Null. The novel travels the same West Virginian logging terrain as “The Slow Lean of Time,” the stunner of a story we published in our Spring 2014 issue. Like “The Slow Lean of Time,” Honey from the Lion employs a sweeping omniscient narration […]

New: Audio of Authors Reading Their Online Fiction


Big news, friends. Since January, we’ve been working on a little project: from here on out, you’ll be able to find audio content for our online exclusives embedded with the text of the stories and over on our Soundcloud page.

Now closed: the American Short Fiction Contest


The deadline to submit to our American Short Fiction Contest was JULY 1. The contest is now closed—our thanks to all who submitted! We look forward to announcing the winners, chosen by judge Elizabeth McCracken, soon.

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