Excerpt: Honey from the Lion, by Matthew Neill Null


Tomorrow Lookout Books will publish Honey from the Lion, the debut novel of Matthew Neill Null. The novel travels the same West Virginian logging terrain as “The Slow Lean of Time,” the stunner of a story we published in our Spring 2014 issue. Like “The Slow Lean of Time,” Honey from the Lion employs a sweeping omniscient narration […]

ASF Alumni: Laura van den Berg


Laura van den Berg has published three short stories in American Short Fiction. In November, her second collection of stories, the scintillating The Isle of Youth, will be released by Farrar, Straus and Giroux. The book has elicited raves in advance of its publication. Kirkus Review calls The Isle of Youth “mesmerizing.” Publishers Weekly says, “If ever there was a writer going places, it’s Laura van den Berg.” […]

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