Hunter S. Thompson & Oscar Acosta in the Desert:
A 45-Year Retrospective

Nevada Desert_SQUARE

On the morning of Friday, March 19th, 1971, Hunter S. Thompson, already the bestselling author of one book and long overdue on his contract for another, accepted what appeared to be a fairly innocuous journalistic assignment: write five hundred words of copy for Sports Illustrated to go along with a photo essay on the Mint 400 motorcycle race […]

Web Exclusive Interview: Jensen Beach


David Foster Wallace said that fiction is “one of the few experiences where loneliness can be both confronted and relieved.” In our March Web Exclusive story, “To God Belongs What He Has Taken,” Jensen Beach deftly places us in the mind of a Stockholm woman caught up in a fantasy about a stranger. It is a subtle and detailed snapshot of a form of loneliness so universal that […]

Things American: At the Mountains of Loneliness


I went to the Arctic Circle because of Howard Phillips Lovecraft. I went there to work on a novel, too, but I wouldn’t be writing a novel—wouldn’t even still be a writer—without Lovecraft. While in the Arctic, I thought about Cthulhu. I carried a protective charm a friend had stitched for me in case I encountered any Old Ones. I stared into the fissures of three-hundred-foot-tall glaciers and expected to see a tentacle lash out […]

The American Short(er) Fiction Contest: Now Closed

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We are thrilled to announce that Amelia Gray, whose widely praised collection, Gutshot, came out in May, will be judging this year’s American Short(er) Fiction Contest. The prize recognizes extraordinary short fiction under 1,000 words. The first-place winner will receive a $1,000 prize and publication, and the second-place winner will receive $250 and publication. All entries will be considered for publication. […]

An Interview with Angela Flournoy

Photo by LaToya T. Duncan

Angela Flournoy’s The Turner House follows one large Detroit family struggling to do right by one another while also figuring out what to do about the family home, which is on the brink of foreclosure. It’s a tender look the messiness of sibling relationships set against the backdrop of a slumping economy and the then-emerging housing crisis of 2008. The novel was recently named a finalist for the National Book Award […]

Online Fiction Interview: Liam Callanan Remembers Ihab Hassan


We were immediately enchanted by our October web exclusive, Ihab Hassan’s “Three.” Sadly, Dr. Hassan passed away shortly after we accepted his work for publication. His colleague and friend, the author Liam Callanan, was kind enough to share some memories […]

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