On The Social Interactions Of Bottlenose Dolphins In Maternal Bands

Me and Marty were just about wrapping up the day’s log on the social interactions of bottlenose dolphins in maternal bands is how we happened to be out on the water at the time. Out of nowhere, one … [READ MORE]

Between the Shores

Nicoya and Daniel are born in the same hospital in Jerusalem on the same date. At 2 a.m., their fathers exchange smiles in the nursery. When Nicoya is three months old, her mother takes her on a bus … [READ MORE]

Endangered   The artists were kept in cages. This was for their own good. The world had gotten really ugly, really fast, and the … [READ MORE]

A Bruise the Size and Shape of a Door Handle When Salma was nine her mother died and she went to live with the father she knew only through … [READ MORE]

Good Sea grass tickled the backs of our knees as we crossed the beach. Meredith was trailing behind, humming something familiar, but it was … [READ MORE]

Lake House

We retired, and we bought a house by a lake that none of our friends had ever heard of, in a town none of our friends had ever heard of, in a region of northern New York far from anything, where every … [READ MORE]

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