A Bruise the Size and Shape of a Door Handle When Salma was nine her mother died and she went to live with the father she knew only through … [READ MORE]

Good Sea grass tickled the backs of our knees as we crossed the beach. Meredith was trailing behind, humming something familiar, but it was … [READ MORE]

Lake House

We retired, and we bought a house by a lake that none of our friends had ever heard of, in a town none of our friends had ever heard of, in a region of northern New York far from anything, where every … [READ MORE]

The Key Bearer’s Parents We were good parents. We know people assume otherwise when they see our wide ties and honking red noses, but we … [READ MORE]

The Cupcake Factory This is New Hampshire in winter, past midnight. The roads are clear, the houses dark, the sky a suffering orange-gray, fat with frost … [READ MORE]

America Mr. Bixby is showing us again how to do the lay-back. He says we're all too stiff, but what he means is that we're all too white. … [READ MORE]

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