America Mr. Bixby is showing us again how to do the lay-back. He says we're all too stiff, but what he means is that we're all too white. … [READ MORE]

Choose Your Own

  Section A You are sitting in the bedroom of a house that is inches away from the freeway. Cars whiz past at an alarming rate, and it seems to you that a minor slip of the steering wheel will … [READ MORE]

Lockwood Roberto was brown and his people lived beside us, so of course I went over on weekends. They were full Mexican. That made us … [READ MORE]

Gorman, CA On the way to the wedding in Los Angeles, they ran out of gas. They were a couple, a man and a woman. The woman was … [READ MORE]

The Sun and the Pacific, Flowers

In the afternoon, I was usually lying in the hammock reading Don Quixote while avocados fell on the roof and the grapefruit tree blew its scent around the yard. Bougainvillea and jasmine grew on all … [READ MORE]

Lesser Missiles We smelled smoke and, out the window, embers rose in the night. We got out of bed and pulled the red alarm box in the … [READ MORE]

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