Your Father All of this is occasioned by a telephone call from my dad: I sit down on the couch, flip on the tube, and descend … [READ MORE]

The Mother’s Portion The gravedigger was a woman. Tall, broad-shouldered, her cheeks flushed red from the cold. Or from shame. She … [READ MORE]

To God Belongs What He Has Taken Marie buys her morning coffee at the convenience store on the corner of her block. One of the men who works … [READ MORE]

The Hungry Valley Now he fed his horses too much rich corn sweetened with molasses: their middles were round and taut as barrels, and … [READ MORE]

Winston He killed a hare and removed its heels, yanked from the meat of each haunch the bone he did not know to be the tibia. He laid the leg bones … [READ MORE]

The Night Bus Of all the bus drivers on duty that night, it was Angus who was taken in for questioning. He guessed it was because of his ear: a burned … [READ MORE]

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