The Hungry Valley Now he fed his horses too much rich corn sweetened with molasses: their middles were round and taut as barrels, and … [READ MORE]

Winston He killed a hare and removed its heels, yanked from the meat of each haunch the bone he did not know to be the tibia. He laid the leg bones … [READ MORE]

The Night Bus Of all the bus drivers on duty that night, it was Angus who was taken in for questioning. He guessed it was because of his ear: a burned … [READ MORE]

A Guide to Sirens

Frank’s island tour—offered free to hotel guests—is described by the Paradise Inn’s brochure as a brief excursion into the island’s myths, mysteries, and mermaids, its selkies and sirens. … [READ MORE]


We deeply regret to report that the author of our October Web Exclusive, Ihab Hassan, passed away shortly after we accepted his work for publication. It is with our humblest gratitude to his family … [READ MORE]

The Five Star Hotel of Bangkok

Everyone laughed about its name. In the 90s, the old concrete building had been a brothel, but it was now owned by a dreadlocked Israeli living out his dream of running a cut-rate hostel-cum-bar. For … [READ MORE]

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