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ISSUE 66: Featuring new stories by Jamel Brinkley, Kevin A. González, Blair Lee, Claire Robbins, Justin Sanders, and Jennifer Tseng.



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The Emerging Writers Issue, featuring fiction by Amanda Emil Anderson, Emma Copley Eisenberg, Akil Kumarasamy, Sonya Larson, Amelia Maggio, Walter B. Thompson, and David E. Yee
Buy Issue 64 in ASF's online storeISSUE 64: The Novella Issue, featuring long stories by Max Ross, Chantal Aida Gordon, and Christie Hodgen
Buy Issue 63 in ASF's online storeISSUE 63: Featuring fiction by Andrea Barrett, Alexander Chee, Jennifer duBois, Danielle Evans, Bret Anthony Johnston, Emily Kiernan, Joyce Carol Oates, and Erin Somers
Buy Issue 62 in ASF's online storeISSUE 62: Featuring fiction by Porochista Khakpour, Aaron Steven Miller, Leona Theis, Kyle McCarthy, Matt Bell, and Smith Henderson
Buy Issue 61 in ASF's online storeISSUE 61: Featuring fiction by Caitlin Horrocks, Manuel Muñoz, Sara Majka, Kathryn Scanlan, and Bob Proehl
Buy Issue 60 in ASF's online storeISSUE 60: Featuring fiction by Lauren Groff, Chris Leslie-Hynan, Laura van den Berg, Julian Zabalbeascoa, Jennifer Murvin, and Emily Geminder
Buy Issue 59 in ASF's online storeISSUE 59: SOLD OUT Featuring fiction by Lydia Davis, William Malatinsky, Nicole Matos, Andrew Malan Milward, Mai Nardone, and Melanie Rae Thon
Buy Issue 58 in ASF's online storeISSUE 58: SOLD OUT Featuring fiction by Ann Beattie, Michael Byers, Graham Cotten, Aisha Gawad, Scott Gloden, and Ammi Keller
Buy Issue 57 in ASF's online storeISSUE 57: Featuring fiction by Antonya Nelson, Karl Taro Greenfeld, Matthew Neill Null, Rob Roensch, and Tia Clark
Buy Issue 56 in ASF's online storeISSUE 56: Featuring fiction by Joyce Carol Oates, Kevin Wilson, Kellie Wells, Rachel Swearingen, Barrett Swanson, Ryan MacDonald, and Sabrina Orah Mark
Buy Issue 55 in ASF's online storeISSUE 55: Featuring fiction by Roxane Gay, Elizabeth Ellen, Alyssa Knickerbocker, James DeWille, and Max Ross
Buy Issue 54 in ASF's online storeISSUE 54: Featuring fiction by Scott Blackwood, Robert Boswell, Tate Higgins, Maggie Shipstead, and Laura van den Berg
Buy Issue 53 in ASF's online storeISSUE 53: Featuring fiction by Sam Allingham, Taylor Antrim, Amanda Goldblatt, Katherine Valentine Jaeger, Bret Anthony Johnston, Susan Steinberg, and Bess Winter
Buy Issue 52 in ASF's online storeISSUE 52: Featuring fiction by L. Annette Binder, Jerome Charyn, Lucy Ferriss, Kevin Moffett, Chris O’Connor, and Jamie Quatro
Buy Issue 51 in ASF's online storeISSUE 51: Featuring fiction by Matthew Baker, Shannon Cain, Ann Claycomb, Michael Fauver, and Anthony Varallo
Buy Issue 50 in ASF's online storeISSUE 50: Featuring fiction by Reese Okyong Kwon, Michael Martone, Melinda Moustakis, and Josh Weil
Buy Issue 49 in ASF's online storeISSUE 49: SOLD OUT Featuring fiction by Dalia Azim, Rob Ehle, Karl Taro Greenfeld, Oscar Hokeah, Hillery Hugg, Sara Levine, Sophie McManus, Mary Miller, Jen Percy, and Elise Winn
Buy Issue 48 in ASF's online storeISSUE 48: Featuring fiction by Lucy Corin, Ted Thompson, J. M. Tyree, Shawn Vestal, and Dawn Ryan
Buy Issue 47 in ASF's online storeISSUE 47: SOLD OUT Featuring fiction by Susan Steinberg, Laura van den Berg, Jeff Parker, Matt Bell, Marie-Helene Bertino, Mike Young, and Jamey Hecht
Buy Issue 46 in ASF's online storeISSUE 46: Featuring fiction by Eugene Cross, Leigh Gallagher, Michael Noll, Laura C. J. Owen, and Suzanne Rivecca
Buy Issue 45 in ASF's online storeISSUE 45: SOLD OUT Featuring fiction by Josh Weil, J. M. Tyree, Nina McConigley, Mary Kay Zuravleff, Kaitlyn Greenidge, and Rusty Dolleman
Buy Issue 44 in ASF's online storeISSUE 44: SOLD OUT Featuring fiction by Christie Hodgen, Karen Gentry, J. Erin Sweeney, Kirsten Marcum, and Patrick Somerville
Buy Issue 43 in ASF's online storeISSUE 43: Featuring fiction by Joyce Carol Oates, Paul Yoon, Smith Henderson, Rachel B. Glaser, Amelia Gray, Kim Chinquee, Joe Wenderoth, Desmond Hogan, and Evan Rehill
Buy Issue 42 in ASF's online storeISSUE 42: SOLD OUT Featuring fiction by Molly Antopol, Karen Brown, Owen Egerton, Mathew Goldberg, Anne Leigh Parrish, and Katie Williams
Buy Issue 41 in ASF's online storeISSUE 41: SOLD OUT Featuring fiction by Amber Dermont, Robin Lippincott, Scott Blackwood, Karl Taro Greenfeld, and Ethan Rutherford
Buy Issue 40 in ASF's online storeISSUE 40: Featuring fiction by Dagoberto Gilb, Kate Braverman, Don Lee, Joyce Carol Oates, Michael Guista, and Laura Furman
Buy Issue 39 in ASF's online storeISSUE 39: Featuring fiction by Maud Casey, Chris Bachelder, M. O. Walsh, Naomi J. Williams, James Scott, and Jasmine Beach-Ferrara
Buy Issue 38 in ASF's online storeISSUE 38: Featuring fiction by Benjamin Percy, Desmond Hogan, Laura Van Den Berg, Paul Verhaeghen, and Kimberly Willardson
Buy Issue 37 in ASF's online storeISSUE 37: Featuring fiction by Austin Bunn, Michael Czyzniejewski, Paul Yoon, Jack Pendarvis, J.M. Tyree, J.D. Chapman, and Brian Leary
Buy Issue 36 in ASF's online storeISSUE 36: Featuring fiction by Vendela Vida, Rumaan Alam, Josh Magnuson, and Suzan Sherman
Buy Issue 35 in ASF's online storeISSUE 35: Featuring fiction by Roy Kesey, Jess Row, Tiphanie Yanique, and Matt Clark
Buy Issue 34 in ASF's online storeISSUE 34: Featuring fiction by Luke Whisnant, Alex Taylor, Liana Scarlettar, T.K. Kenyon, and Joshua Smith Henderson
Buy Issue 33 in ASF's online storeISSUE 33: Featuring work by Susan Steinberg, Joy Williams, Desmond Hogan, John McManus, John Oliver Hodges, and more

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