Bourbon and Milk: “Oh, My Dear. Where Is That Country?”


This latest installment of Bourbon and Milk (in which writer-parents tackle the ins and outs of working while raising little ones) features authors Casey Fleming, Greg Brown, Manuel Gonzales, Miah Arnold, Joshua Rivkin, Lacy M. Johnson, Alyssa Knickerbocker, Joshua Furst and ASF‘s own Giuseppe Taurino on the tricky issue of discussing the 2016 election and this week’s inauguration of Donald J. Trump […]

Bourbon and Milk: “Are You the Mother?”


“Mama,” my three-year-old son says a hundred times a day, right before he asks for something—a hug, a glass of milk, a kiss, a Netflix show, a toy that I have hidden up high because he whacked me with it—and I respond immediately, instinctively. I hear Mama and I think, me. I don’t even think it, really. I turn automatically, just as I have for my whole life at the sound of my name. […]

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