Pride Is Every Month: A Short Reading List from Our Editors


In 2016, there’s something almost anachronistic about creating a list of your favorite LGBTQ books. What kinds of books might qualify for such a list? Must the author identify as gay, bi, lesbian, trans, asexual or agender to be included? In putting together such a list, don’t you run the risk of unintentionally ghettoizing “LGBTQ books” and […]

Web Exclusive Interview: Kathryn Savage

Kathryn Savage_SQ400

Kathryn Savage’s “Lesser Missiles” grabbed us from the first, spare, and startling sentences. Whenever this happens, we might cross our fingers and tense up a little, carried away by the momentum of the story but still conscious that we are rooting for the narrative to sustain that opening power, to not let us down. Kathryn’s story succeeds beautifully, and its final moments deliver us gently, without apology, to the vastness of our own vulnerabilities […]

Review: Douglas Coupland’s Worst. Person. Ever.


In perhaps one of the only reviews of Douglas Coupland’s Worst.Person.Ever. that doesn’t either eviscerate the book or conflate the author with his narrator, Erin McReynolds writes: “What’s impressive about WPE—whatever your feeling for its lewd sense of humor—is the confidence with which the hits come, so that the misses don’t feel like misses so much as a plot gone wild for the express purpose of portraying a world gone mad.”

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