Online Fiction Interview: Alison McCabe

Alison McCabe

Alison McCabe’s “Heirloom” deftly trades in contrasts. Over the course of  a few hundred words, the diction evolves from the colloquial to the lyrical, and the strangest of details—a cat toy mistaken for a rodent, a son-in-law’s name long forgotten—are also the story’s most humorous. We recently emailed McCabe to ask about her work […]


Loraine Makimson Whiskey Bottle

Vermin everywhere, the old man said, and so he could not eat, didn’t matter if it was bread pudding, or his MumMum’s corn meal mush, or Tastykake butterscotch krimpets. Didn’t matter how toothsome, the old man couldn’t stomach it, not with all the mice. Too often he’d pick them up and toss them into the compost […]

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