An Interview with Bret Anthony Johnston

Remember Me Like This_336x190

Bret Anthony Johnston has the distinction of being among the few writers occupying that slim but coveted slice of the Venn diagram: creative writing directors who have also been pro skateboarders. His latest work, Remember Me Like This, is a quiet and rich novel centered around a teenage boy named Justin who is returned to his family four years after his kidnapping. […]

An Interview with Marie-Helene Bertino


I first met Marie-Helene Bertino last summer, when she was my workshop instructor at the One Story Workshop for Writers. In person, she is meticulous, charming, and bright. And her writing is the same. Her short story, “Carry Me Home, Sisters of Saint Joseph,” was first published in Issue 47 of American Short Fiction. Her second book, 2 A.M. at The Cat’s Pajamas, will be published this August by Crown. […]

Online Fiction Interview: Sarah Gerkensmeyer


Sarah Gerkensmeyer’s “Ramona,” our online exclusive for April, is nearly a contradiction in terms. It’s at once a tender-hearted, naturalistic reflection on adolescence and faded friendship and an utterly non-naturalistic look at the limits of embodiment. In this interview, we asked Gerkensmeyer about bending the rules of nature in fiction […]

Online Fiction: Interview with Hannah Pass


This month, we’re bringing you a story about an astrological forecaster whose television ratings are falling. Hannah Pass’s “Nova” is a world of glitz, glitter, fiber-optic star charts and unsavory old men, a place where networks air shows on adolescent bartending and on hypnotherapy for insomniacs. But at its heart, “Nova” is a story about […]

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