Online Fiction Interview: Jake Wolff

Jake Wolff

This month’s online fiction interview is with Jake Wolff, author of “When a Woman Thinks That her House Is on Fire.” In this lyrical tale of one family’s double-loss, we learn that Nasya and Ned have lost one son and we watch as they lose their house to a fire. More than a story of loss, though, the piece looks at the things that tragedy leaves in its wake. […]

When a Woman Thinks That Her House Is on Fire


Nasya Beckman wakes to the smell of smoke. She rolls onto her side and swats clumsily at her alarm clock, as though this is the source of the disturbance, as though this is some new technology for waking heavy sleepers—the release of gas. In fact, the alarm clock is an antique, a six-inch double-bell with a little copper hammer. It was a gift from Nasya’s rabbi for her one hundred volunteer hours as a kiddush hostess, minyan attendee, and Bikur cholim coordinator. Her rabbi said he’d never seen such devotion. He said it was good to keep oneself busy following tragedy. […]

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