Web Exclusive Interview: Richard Mirabella


Back in November, we published the Web Exclusive story “The Sister” by Richard Mirabella, a tale with a timeless sense of the heartbreak and loss. We talked with Mirabella about the story’s roots, queer fiction, and the pains and pleasures of writing when you’ve got a full-time job.

Web Exclusive Interview: Anton DiSclafani


In our December Web Exclusive story, “Flight,” author Anton DiSclafani freezes a moment in the life of an aged John J. Audubon. It’s a moment that allows us a bird’s-eye view of the famed ornithologist/artist’s exotic origins, his loss and his passion, and his rivalry with Alexander Wilson. It’s elegiac without being mawkish, and you walk away feeling as though you’ve just been up close with a rare and brilliant specimen. [. . .]

The Mother’s Portion


The gravedigger was a woman. Tall, broad-shouldered, her cheeks flushed red from the cold. Or from shame. She hadn’t done the job we’d hired her to do: dig our mother’s grave. Father David, the priest from Gibraltar who looked and spoke like Michael Caine, had told her and the groundskeeper that the family would not be leaving until our dead was in the ground. It didn’t matter if the hole she had dug couldn’t contain her. “Enlarge it,” Father David said. […]

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