Bourbon and Milk: When the Mayhem Becomes Too Much

Holiday Kids for Bourbon & Milk

Welcome to the third annual holiday edition of Bourbon and Milk. Once again, with a nod towards the thankfulness many of us associate with the holidays—a thankfulness steeped in both the warmth and the insanity of family—we asked five writer-parents to identify and write about “crappy” literary parents, and five non-parents to chime in on “exemplary” ones. […]

Bourbon and Milk: Here Is the Essay, Now Where Is the Child?


“Where do you get so much energy?” I asked my daughter recently, the age-old parenting question. She was running around like on any other day while I sprawled supine on the floor. Not because I had any unusual reason to be tired. I was tired because that is the state I have been in for the last four years. […]

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