Web Exclusive Interview: Rose Gowen


July’s web exclusive story, “The Sun and the Pacific, Flowers,” is both a beautiful meditation on the passage of time and a careful, close look at a young person’s anxiety that she’s not doing or being quite enough. Writer Rose Gowen’s images and sensory details are stunning; the story is brimming over with oleander and hibiscus, rosemary, agave, palms, and citrus trees. The smells and sounds of the Santa Barbara coast […]

Web Exclusive Interview: Daniel LoPilato

Daniel LoPilato author photo.

What with baseball season now in full swing, May’s Web Exclusive Fiction is incredibly timely—and yet timeless. In “Your Father,” a dad and son try to connect through a televised baseball game. At its heart is a dilemma that has always played itself out and will continue to do so for as long as we have to contend with our parents’ identities and our own, regardless of the technology involved. We talked with author Daniel LoPilato about the parent-child struggle, identity, and irony. Basically, America. […]

Online Fiction Interview: Hilary Leichter


Hilary Leichter’s “The Statue of Limitations” plays by its own delightful set of rules. It’s at once the story of a couple imprisoned in their own home (a statue marking the furthest that they can roam into their yard without the “risk of pursuit”) and a parable for how intimacy ebbs and flows in a relationship. […]

Online Fiction Interview: Anna Noyes


June’s online exclusive, “The Tobacconist” by Anna Noyes depicts longing so convincingly that it’s difficult to pass judgment on the story’s conflicted, suffering protagonist, George. It seemed to us that the magic of the story was that it depicted complication and ambivalence so tenderly. We emailed Noyes to ask about writing conflicted characters, about her […]

Online Fiction Interview: Terese Svoboda


Peter Benchley’s 1974 novel Jaws tells the story of a menacing great white shark who terrorizes the fictional Long Island town of Amity, NY. In 1975, Steven Spielberg turned it into what was, for a time, the highest grossing film at the box office. If Benchley and Speilberg’s Jaws has a topical and tonal opposite, it just might be Terese Svoboda’s tale of a weird, dark family road trip […]

Online Fiction Interview: David Naimon


David Naimon‘s “The Battle” is an oddball buddy tale of sorts set in a Black Sea bunker in some not-too-far-off future. The stakes are high—international tensions run deep as global warming has opened the arctic to shipping lanes—and Sergei, Naimon’s protagonist, is charged with monitoring the progress of Russian submarines as they stake claims on […]

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