Online Fiction: Interview with S. P. Tenhoff


In this month’s fiction feature, S. P. Tenhoff does to a border what Wallace Stevens did to a blackbird—he lets it write him. Mr. Tenhoff’s “Ten Views of the Border” outlines the bewilderment of a newly divided populace by detailing a scandalous cross-border birth, two intricately mirrored origin stories, and the troubling circumstances of a woman whose very existence seems the hinge on which the border depends. […]

Online Fiction: Interview with Anthony Abboreno


Mary Miller interviews Anthony Abboreno, the author of “Filler,” the first fiction post on our website in over a year. Abboreno’s story is about the complicated relationship between children and their parents’ expectations. There are lobsters with personalities, an ex-wife who loves New Year’s Eve, and a man who tries to do his best, but falls short. “Filler” covers a lot of territory in few words.

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