Hunter S. Thompson & Oscar Acosta in the Desert:
A 45-Year Retrospective

Nevada Desert_SQUARE

On the morning of Friday, March 19th, 1971, Hunter S. Thompson, already the bestselling author of one book and long overdue on his contract for another, accepted what appeared to be a fairly innocuous journalistic assignment: write five hundred words of copy for Sports Illustrated to go along with a photo essay on the Mint 400 motorcycle race […]

Things American: Control Magic


It’s 7 A.M. on a Saturday in October 2012. I’m twenty-eight-years-old and yelling “Idiot,” “Fucking terrible,” and “What were you thinking?” into my steering wheel. I’m driving home from Time Warp Comics, where I’ve just lost a Magic tournament. And not just lost, but lost lost: eighteenth out of twenty-five at the midnight release for the newest set, Return to Ravnica. […]

Things Buffalo: My New Skin


Kim Chinquee, a writer, professor, and editor based in Buffalo, dips into Lake Erie and other past waters.

Things American: The Buffalo Sentence (Federman, Coetzee, Creeley).


Ted Pelton, publisher of Starcherone Books, explores the city’s former writers and their experiments in and meditations on the sentence.

Things American: An Introduction to Buffalo


This week, three writers from Buffalo share with us their experience of living, learning, and writing in the city.

Things American: Yeah Science Breaking Bad!


Like many, many others, we dived into the k-hole that is breaking down Breaking Bad. What follows is a series of gchat conversations between Jess Stoner and Carmiel Banasky about the show, its fiction connections, and our obsession.

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