Web Exclusive Interview: Kathryn Scanlan

Photo credit: Roxane Hopper

Winter is a time for compression—shortened days, confinement indoors, a turning inward. But compression produces something nuclear-hot and energetic, and our February Web Exclusive, “The Hungry Valley,” is a stellar example of this. Author Kathryn Scanlan helps us explore how this is achieved in writing.

“The Hungry Valley” also appears in our Winter issue. […]

Web Exclusive Interview: Leslie Parry

Leslie Parry square

Our December Web Exclusive, “The Night Bus, beautifully elucidates the moment two lives intersect—lives forever changed by random acts of violence. We talked with author Leslie Parry about anonymity, anxiety, and a very effective antidote for procrastination. […]

Web Exclusive Interview: Lee Conell


This season, as the nights turn ever longer and we turn ever inward to contemplate life’s mysteries, stories like our November exclusive, “A Guide to Sirens,” seem especially to speak (or sing) to us. We talked to author Lee Conell about her inspiration for the story, about magic and the unexpected, and about creatures real and imagined. […]

Online Fiction Interview: Liam Callanan Remembers Ihab Hassan


We were immediately enchanted by our October web exclusive, Ihab Hassan’s “Three.” Sadly, Dr. Hassan passed away shortly after we accepted his work for publication. His colleague and friend, the author Liam Callanan, was kind enough to share some memories […]

Online Fiction Interview: Cam Terwilliger


In our September web exclusive, Cam Terwilliger’s “Five-Star Bangkok Hotel” laser-focuses on that critical moment when we take a gamble on a burgeoning notion of self and freedom, and aren’t so certain of the win. We emailed Cam to investigate how he comes to his stories, what jobs best fit a writing habit, and to go into that heart of darkness that is self vs. selflessness. […]

Online Fiction Interview: Sofi Stambo

Sofi Stambo_300x300_SQUARE

Sofi Stambo’s “Ships” presents a vivid summer break on the Black Sea during which a young, unnamed protagonist pines for the son of the Tomov family, which is headed by a sea captain who lives across the street from her grandparents. It’s a story so precise in its sensory details that it feels deeply familiar—and […]

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