Online Fiction Interview: Liam Callanan Remembers Ihab Hassan


We were immediately enchanted by our October web exclusive, Ihab Hassan’s “Three.” Sadly, Dr. Hassan passed away shortly after we accepted his work for publication. His colleague and friend, the author Liam Callanan, was kind enough to share some memories […]

Online Fiction Interview: Cam Terwilliger


In our September web exclusive, Cam Terwilliger’s “Five-Star Bangkok Hotel” laser-focuses on that critical moment when we take a gamble on a burgeoning notion of self and freedom, and aren’t so certain of the win. We emailed Cam to investigate how he comes to his stories, what jobs best fit a writing habit, and to go into that heart of darkness that is self vs. selflessness. […]

Online Fiction Interview: Sofi Stambo

Sofi Stambo_300x300_SQUARE

Sofi Stambo’s “Ships” presents a vivid summer break on the Black Sea during which a young, unnamed protagonist pines for the son of the Tomov family, which is headed by a sea captain who lives across the street from her grandparents. It’s a story so precise in its sensory details that it feels deeply familiar—and […]

Online Fiction Interview: Jake Wolff

Jake Wolff

This month’s online fiction interview is with Jake Wolff, author of “When a Woman Thinks That her House Is on Fire.” In this lyrical tale of one family’s double-loss, we learn that Nasya and Ned have lost one son and we watch as they lose their house to a fire. More than a story of loss, though, the piece looks at the things that tragedy leaves in its wake. […]

Online Fiction Interview: Courtney Sender

Courtney Sender author photo_SQ

In Courtney Sender’s “The Solidarity of Fat Girls,” three sisters raise their younger brother following abandonment by their mother. The story traces their little family’s trajectory only in the broadest sense, noting the major events of their lives, including the illness and death of one sister as well as the engagement of the younger brother to a fat girl who “doesn’t assume that people’s brothers should love her.” […]

Online Fiction Interview: Lincoln Michel

Lincoln Michel 300 SQUARE

Lincoln Michel’s “The Supervillain Stalled in His Lair” kicks off our 2015 web exclusive fiction, and it’s a lovely and bizarre look at the placid, boring world through the eyes of an ambitious and anxiety-rattled super villain named, uh, the Supervillain. As satires go, this one’s less send-up than human interest piece. Told from the point of view […]

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